Horizen Second Hand Trading Page

This page is available for all Horizen clients to use to help them sell computer based items.

If you wish to sell anything, pls email or fax me all the details (use the example below) :

Model : G4 Grey 1999 desktop
RAM : 256MB PC133 SDRAM (2x 128 pieces, 1 slot still free)
Hard Disk : Seagate 20GB 7200 IDE
CD/DVD : Apple DVD
Display : No display
Why are you selling it : Upgrading to latest model
Do you have a keyboard and mouse : yes
Is the keyboard the small or extended version : extended
Is the mouse an optical mouse : No
Do you have the original Apple system CD's : Yes, OS 9.1
What version of the OS is currently installed : 9.2.1
Does it come with any software : No
Accessories : Adaptec 2906 SCSI card, USB floppy drive, built-in 100MB zip drive
Condition : excellent, low mileage, owned by little old lady, etc...
Cost : $1,200 OBO

If you wish to buy -
Contact details as specified in the ad below. See below for disclaimer and here for Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
Prices assume pickup from seller (delivery is not included). All sales are COD (cash or bank cheque) unless other arrangements are made prior to sale.

Horizen offers no extra warranty for goods traded on these pages although some goods may still be under manufacturers warranty. Pls ensure that you are satisfied prior to buying. l merely provide the venue! In some cases I am the agent for the seller and may take a commission for the sale. Any software listed must be legally owned by the seller.


For any further information pls email me at or phone 0414 888 563