Welcome to the Horizen August 2005 PC Price List
- date of on-line publication - 29 August 2005

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Skip all this blurb and show me the prices !

Please note that all prices are listed as GST exempt (add 10% to get the total price after tax).
Just because it isn't listed here doesn't mean I don't sell it.
Pls call if you have any queries for anything you cant find here.
In case you didn't know I also do Mac's.

Horizen is based in Melbourne but ships goods throughout Australia (not overseas sorry). Shipping costs start at around $10 but rapidly go up depending on size, weight, insurance and distance.

Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or direct debit. One of these days I might eventually get a merchant credit card facility.

Want to order anything?

My PC Philosophy

I can't (and wont even try) to match Green Guide pricing. I provide top quality systems using all the best brands with support to match. I provide genuine Intel motherboards and processors. I can do other name brand motherboards like Gigabyte, Asus, etc. if you want fancier options like built-in firewire, E-SATA, SLi, Wi-Fi, etc.

I initially started selling cheap clone systems years ago and I was out fixing them every second week. Since I have moved to a premium hardware policy, guess what - I have no problems with reliability, support and backup. I use reliable (often AS3902 or ISO9000 accredited) suppliers who give good, reliable supply, support and backup. Sure they cost a little bit more to buy from but they will be in business next year too.

If you are the sort of person who decides to buy a system from a dealer who is $10 cheaper than the other guys then you probably wont buy from me. Most of the dealers who sell at 2% margin either go out of business regularly or are doing illegal things with GST. I am certainly competitive with pricing but not the cheapest. If you want someone who will be around next year, doesn't cheat with GST, gives good quality support and provides top quality systems that will provide many years of service then perhaps I am the sort of dealer you are looking for. The choice is yours.

Major Changes & Additions
1) Updated pricing (new motherboard ranges)
2) Dual core is here !
3) Moved all accessories to a new accessories price list

Mike's PC Specification Recommendations

Basic PC system needs to be :
- minimum 512MB RAM (1024MB or more for best MS XP performance, VISTA will need even more)
- needs some sort of backup device (CDRW, memory stick, zip, etc.)
- the rest is up to you, anything goes depending on your needs - call or email Horizen to discuss

Comments, News, Tall Tales and True
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Constant Reminders (Most Important first)
1) Are you backing up every day or as required... you might even want to have an off site backup...
2) Do you have anti-virus installed, active and have you updated the virus definitions this week?
3) Are you using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply)?
4) Checked your hard disk with a good diagnostic package recently?
5) Using a firewall on your Internet connection?
6) Run Windows updates lately? There have been a lot of important security updates.

Terms & Conditions (see below)

All Systems include :
Processor & motherboard as specified below...
Intel motherboards with Intel chipset series 865P and 945P as listed below
PCI-E, USB2, 1x serial, PS/2
512MB DDR/DDR2 RAM as specified & Seagate 80GB SATA II, 7200rpm hard disk
On board Intel extreme video
Black or beige Midi ATX tower case with 350W power supply
Samsung 104 PS/2 keyboard & Samsung Optical PS/2 mouse
Panasonic 1.44MB floppy drive
- no OS, display or CD/DVD drives (see below for details)

Guide to building a system
1) Pick what processor & motherboard you want
- the basic system includes processor, motherboard, case, etc.
- dual core is faster than single core
2) Add RAM as required
3) Upgrade the HD
4) Pick which CD, DVD options you want
5) Add a display
6) Upgrade the display and sound cards if required

Single Core with Genuine Intel 865G Motherboard Cost Ex GST
2.6GHz Celeron - 533MHz FSB with 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM $585
3.0GHz P4 524 - 533MHz FSB with 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM $660
- comes with onboard video & sound, 10/100 LAN, 80GB SATA II HD, Midi tower
- 1.44MB floppy, optical PS/2 mouse & PS/2 keyboard

Dual Core with Genuine Intel 945G Motherboard
3.4GHz P4D - 800MHz FSB with 512MB PC4200 DDR2 RAM $860
1.86GHz Core 2 Duo - 1066MHz FSB with 512MB PC4200 DDR2 RAM $890
- comes with onboard video & sound, 10/100/1000 LAN, 80GB SATA II HD,
- 350W Midi tower, 1.44MB floppy, optical PS/2 mouse & PS/2 keyboard

DDR RAM for Pentium 865 Motherboard Systems
Additional 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM (making 1GB total) $95

DDR RAM for Pentium 945 Motherboard Systems
Additional 512MB PC4200 DDR2 RAM (making 1GB total) $90

SATA II 3.5" Hard Drives (upgrade existing drive)
160GB Seagate 7200rpm SATA II HD Upgrade $45
250GB Seagate 7200rpm SATA II HD Upgrade $75
- larger sizes from 300GB to 750GB are also available

PCI-E Display Cards (upgrade from existing on-board video)
Nvidia GeForce 7300GT 256Mb PCI-E display card $170
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT 256Mb PCI-E display card $320

LCD Displays
Mag 17" Silver, 1280x1024 pixels with built-in speakers
Mag 19" Silver, 1280x1024 pixels with built-in speakers

PC - Operating Systems (when purchased with a system)
Windows 2003 Server with 5 user license $1,045
Windows XP Home $150
Windows XP Pro $220

Microsoft for PC
MS Office 2003 Basic (Word, Excel & Outlook) $285
MS Office Small Business 2003 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher) $380
MS Office Pro 2003 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access) $490

CD & DVD ROMS, Writers and Rewriters
Liteon 52x CD-ROM $30
Liteon 16x DVD-ROM $45
Liteon 52/24/52 CD-RW $45
Liteon 48x48x24x CD-RW/16x DVD-ROM Combo Drive $55
Liteon 16x Dual Layer DVD-R/RW $65
Nero CD Burning software v6 Express for PC $8
Nero CD Burning software v7.x full version for PC $125
Nero CD Burning software v6 Express for PC with DVD software $12

To build or price the rest of your system (including displays) see the accessories price list

Software Notes :
Updates will require your original serial number
Education discounts are available for some software products

The Fine Print
All prices in Australian dollars and exclude GST of 10%
Prices valid for 7 days or unless wholesale prices vary
Delivery is generally $10 but may be more for several large and/or heavy items
On site installation prices range from $35-$100
On site consulting rate is $100/hr for general consulting