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Date of on-line publication - 9 Jun 2009

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Major Recent Changes & Additions
- Jun 09 - Updated all Mac prices & specifications
- Oct 08 - Updated iPods, MacBooks & MacBook Pros
- Apr 08 - Updated iMacs
- Feb 08 - Updated MacBooks, MacBook Pros
- Jan 08 - New MacBook Air , Time Capsule, updated Mac Pro, Apple TV, iPod Touch
- Aug 07 - Updated metal iMacs, faster MacMini's, new iLife 08, iWork 08, new Apple keyboard
- Jun 07 - Updated MacBook Pros, faster, cheaper, improved specs, new LED screens, added 160GB Apple TV
- May 07 - Updated MacBooks, faster, more RAM, larger hard disks & cheaper
- Apr 07 - Updated Mac Pros, updated iPods, added Apple TV 40GB, screen prices drop
- Nov 06 - Updated MacBooks 13" models also with Intel Core 2 Duo processors
- Oct 06 - Updated MacBook Pro's 15" & 17" with Intel Core 2 Duo processors
- New iPods - Shuffle and Nano are now metal, higher capacity for less price than previously
- New Mac Pro with Intel Xeon dual core / dual processor workstations (replacing G5's)
- New 13" Intel MacBook's
- Updated Intel Mac Mini's (both models are now Core Duo)
- Updated Intel iMacs (now with a new 24" model and all models with Core 2 Duo chips)
- Latest updates to all Apple prices - major drop on Apple displays
- Updated RAM prices
- Most accessories (hard disks, printers, software, etc) can be found in the accessories price list
- G5 desktop's, G5 iMacs, G4 Mac Mini's, iBooks, Powerbooks & eMacs have been discontinued, the changeover to Intel is now complete !
- Lots of little tweaks this month although most wont be noticed ...

OS 9 and X
OS 9 is long obsolete - there have been 6 versions of OS X with the 7th (10.6 Snow Leopard) coming in Sep 2009. OS X is capable of running OS 9 programs if you have a Power PC processor (G3, G4 or G5). If you open an OS 9 only program in OS X then it opens OS 9. This is called Classic mode. It is similar but not the same as booting in OS directly. G5 PPC Macs will not boot into OS 9 at all they can only run in classic mode. The newest Intel Macs have no support for OS 9 whatsoever. Finished, gone!

Intel and Power PC Processors
The new Intel Macs need to have software designed specifically for them for best performance. They can also run non native (PPC) software but this works under emulation and is therefore slightly slower, particular on initial application startup and uses up extra RAM. Having 2GB or more RAM helps a lot in these Intel Macs. All major packages are now Intel native with the release of MS Office 2008 in Jan 2008 and Adobe CS3 earlier in 2007. The Intel Macs are able to have Windows installed with a bit of fiddling (requires a Windows CD) using Apple BootCamp.
You can run Mac OS and Windows simultaneously using either VM Ware or Parralels.

You can tell what applications you have installed by getting Info on the app. There are 3 types - PPC, Intel & Universal. Intel or Universal runs at full native speed on an Intel Mac.

OS X 10.5 Leopard
10.5 is the last version to support both PPC and Intel chips. It includes support for Windows running natively in its own partition. 10.5 Leopard has full 64 bit support, automatic backups, virtual desktops, upgraded versions of Mail, Spotlight, iCal, iChat, Boot Camp (windows support) & much more. OS 9 (Classic) is no longer supported even if you have a PPC processor Mac.

OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Available from Sep 09. No support for PPC chips. Incremental (but substantial) improvements over 10.5. Improved multi-processor support and speed with Grand Central, utilising the hardware in the graphics card to improve performance via Open CL and much more. Refining an already sublime operating system experience.

Monthly Spotlights
Lots of new stuff. Highlights in 2009 are Time Capsule - effectively an Airport Extreme Basestation with a built-in 500GB or 1TB hard disk for wired or wireless backup. Time Machine, Apple's automated backup system is fully supported.

2nd Hand Specials - Call or email me for pricing & further details
- 2nd hand stuff comes and goes. Best to call call me direct on anything 2nd hand.

Mike's Mac Specification Recommendations
Basic Mac system needs to be :
- minimum 1GB RAM (2GB or more for best OS X performance)
- needs some sort of backup device (CDRW/DVDR/RW, memory stick, external firewire or USB2 hard drive, etc.)
- if you have a Mac Pro desktop you should have a 2nd hard disk in it for backup and alternative/emergency booting
- if you dont have room internally then you should seriously consider an external firewire drive for backup

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Constant Reminders (Most Important first)
1) Are you backing up every day or as required... you might even want to have an off site backup...
- and have you ever tried to restore from your backup to make sure it works?
2) Are you using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or at the very least a surge protector?
3) Checked your hard disk with Disk Utility (repaired permissions) or Disk Warrior?
4) Have you updated your virus definitions this month?
5) Do you have file sharing turned on on all your computers (turn it off for better speed & reliability, unless you really need it on)

Abbreviation Legend - see here or here for more than you ever wanted to know about computer abbreviations, jargon & acronyms
AP - airport : 802.11 b/g wireless, 802.11b is 11Mbps(bits per second) speed, 802.11g is 54Mbps, 802.11n & WiMax coming
BT - bluetooth : a radio wireless technology often found in mobile phones, currently up to generation 2.1
CD - compact disk : stores up to 700MB on optical media, comes in read only (CD) writable (CD-R) & rewritable (CD-RW) formats
Combo - CD burner with DVD read capability - also see SD - Superdrive below
DC - dual core cpu (2 processors in 1), effectively the same as dual processor
DP - dual processor
DL -dual layered usually refers to a DVD burner, can burn up to 8.5GB on a dual layer DVD
DVD -digital video disk, stores up to 4.7GB (single layer) or 8.5GB (dual layer), multiple formats (DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+DL, etc)
DVI -digital video interface : video port connector to connect displays, digital as opposed to analogue (VGA)
FW - firewire : connection, network& accessory port, used for external storag, video cameras, fast scanners, high end printers
HD - harddisk : magnetic storage drive, comes in parallel (older) or serial (newer) format, from 80GB to 750GB capacity
Hz - hertz : frequency, cycles per second, typically refers to the speed of computers (MHz & GHz) & AC power (50Hz)
K / M / G / T / P - kilo / mega / giga / tera / pica - 1000 or 10^3, 10^6, 10^9, 10^12, 10^15, each is 1,000 times the size of the previous
- as in Kb (kilobit), KB (kilobyte), Kbps (kilo bits per second) - note that 1 bit is the basic unit - 1 or 0 and 1 byte is 8 bits (an octal system)
LCD - liquid crystaldisplay, flat screen technology
PCI -peripheral component interconnect : internal bus slot that enables inertion of peripheral cards for video, SCSI, rendering, etc
QC - quad core cpu (4 processors in 1), effectively the same as quad processor
SD - superdrive : optical burner that reads and writes both CD's and DVD's. Some are dual layer (DL)
USB - universal serial bus : connection & accessory port, used for keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, external storage, etc

A Detailed Example :

The standard format is as follows :
Model / Processor type@Processor speed - RAM / Hard Disk / Optical Drive / Display Card / other specifications

iMac 20 " / Core 2 Duo@2.0GHz - 1GB/250GB/8x DL Superdrive/X2400/AP/BT/iSight/20" LCD at 1680x1050 pixels
This is an iMac with an Intel Core2 Duo processor running at 2.0GHz
It comes with 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard disk
The optical drive is an 8x dual layer superdrive which can read and write both CD's & DVD's
The graphics card is an ATI X2400
Airport Extreme & Bluetooth are standard
An iSight camera is built in with an Apple 20 " LCD with a resolution of 1680 horizontal by 1050 vertical pixels

Terms & Conditions (see below)

Horizen Jun 2009 Mac Price List
(NEW) - lists new items
(UPDATED) - lists new items
(PRICE DROP) - lists items where the price has dropped
Legend -
see above for the meanings of abbreviations & description of terms

Please note that all prices are listed as GST exempt (add 10% to get the total price after tax).

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard $143
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard $TBA - shipping in Sep 09
iLife 08 $90
iWork 08 $90

All Macs come with OS X, iLife, AC power cord, Apple wired keyboard & mighty mouse
- Mac Mini : keyboard & mouse extra

Mac Pro Intel Xeon Desktop Systems with Single or Dual Core all with Quad Processor
Mac Pro / Intel Xeon@2.66GHz Single Core QP - 3GB/640GB/16x DL Superdrive/PCI-E/NV GT120 512MB $4,090
Mac Pro / Intel Xeon@2.8GHz Dual Core QP - 6GB/640GB/16x DL Superdrive/PCI-E/NV GT120 512MB $5.362
- 2x optical bays, 4x SATA HD bays, 4x PCI-E, 5x USB2, 2x FW400, 2x FW800
- up to 8GB in SC or 32GB in DC with 1066MHz DDR3 ECC RAM in 8x SDRAM slots, 2x GB Ethernet
- add another 2GB (2x 1GB) of RAM for $636
- add up to 3 more hard disks from 80GB to 2TB
- upgrade to an ATI Radeon 4870 display card for $363
- add an external USB2 56K fax/modem for $72
- add wireless for $91

Apple LCD Displays
Apple 24" LED display - 1920x1200 pixels for MacBook, with iSight, magsafe charging port, microphone & speakers $1,362
Apple 30" LCD HD display - 2560x1600 pixels (requires special graphics card) $2,544
- all are VESA mount compatible

iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo - Metal finish
iMac 20" / Core 2 Duo@2.66GHz - 2GB/320GB/8x DL Superdrive/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/20" LCD at 1680x1050 pixels $1,817
iMac 24" / Core 2 Duo@2.66GHz - 4GB/640GB/8x DL Superdrive/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/24" LCD at 1920x1200 pixels $2,271
iMac 24" / Core 2 Duo@2.93GHz - 4GB/640GB/8x DL Superdrive/GT120/AP/BT2/iSight/24" LCD at 1920x1200 pixels $2,726
- all with wired keyboard & mouse, 3x USB2, 1x FW800, GB Ethernet, mini display port video, optical audio
- up to 8GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM
- upgrade the internal HD to 640GB or 1TB on all models
- add USB 56K modem for $72

Mac Mini with Intel Core 2 Duo (NEW MODELS)
Mac Mini / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.0GHz - 1GB/120GB/DL Superdrive/AP/BT2/Remote $953
Mac Mini / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.0GHz - 2GB/320GB/DL Superdrive/AP/BT2/Remote $1,271
- comes with DVI to VGA adaptor, remote, no keyboard or mouse
- upgrade to 2GB RAM for $82, supports maximum RAM of 4GB
- upgrade the internal HD to 250 or 320GB
- add an Apple wired USB keyboard & mighty mouse for $125
- uses DDR3-1066MHz RAM (dealer install only - so order it with the RAM you need)

MacBook with Intel Core 2 Duo (NEW MODEL)
MacBook 13.3" White / Intel Core Duo@2.13GHz - 2GB/160GB/Superdrive/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/13.3" at 1280x800 pixels $1,453
- only this white model has a firewire 400 port
- all with GB ethernet, 2x USB2, optical audio, only 2.4GHz model has backlit key board
- add USB 56K modem for $72
- hard drive upgrades available up to 500GB on all models
- 128GB solid state drive available on silver models for $872+
- supports maximum RAM of 4GB
DDR2 800MHz

MacBook Air with Intel Core 2 Duo (NEW MODELS)
MacBook Air 13.3" / Intel Core 2 Duo@1.86GHz - 2GB/120GB/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/13.3" at 1280x800 pixels $2,180
MacBook Air 13.3" / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.13GHz - 2GB/128GB Flash HD/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/13.3" at 1280x800 pixels $2,543
- max 2GB RAM, multi touch trackpad, very thin & light
- includes USB Ethernet adaptor
- add external CD/DVD superdrive $126
- add external USB 56K modem $72
- add Apple remote $26

Mac Book Pro Unibody with Intel Core 2 Duo (NEW MODELS)
MacBook Pro 13" / Intel Core Duo@2.26GHz - 2GB/160GB/Superdrive/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/13.3" at 1280x800 pixels $1,726
MacBook Pro 13" / Intel Core Duo@2.53GHz - 4GB/250GB/Superdrive/9400M/AP/BT2/iSight/13.3" at 1280x800 pixels $2,180
MacBook Pro 15" / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.53GHz - 4GB/250GB/8x DL Superdrive/9400M 256M/AP/BT2/iSight/15.4" at 1440x900 pixels $2,453
MacBook Pro 15" / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.66GHz - 4GB/320GB/8x DL Superdrive/9600M 512M/AP/BT2/iSight/15.4" at 1440x900 pixels $2,908
MacBook Pro 17" / Intel Core 2 Duo@2.8GHz - 4GB/500GB/8x DL Superdrive/9600M 512M/AP/BT2/iSight/17" at 1920x1200 pixels $3.635
- all with glossy screens (matte no longer available except with 15 & 17")
- supports maximum 8GB of DDR3 1066MHz RAM
- new external video port requires a mini display port adaptor.
- with GB ethernet, USB2, FW800, optical audio, SD Card slot
- Varying drive options including SATA and SSD depending on model
- add USB 56K modem for $72

iPod Shuffle 4GB, silver & black, USB cable, clip, earphones, 1,000 songs $117
iPod Nano 8GB, silver, black (& 7 colours), earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, 2,000 songs $180
iPod Nano 16GB, silver, black (& 7 colours), earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, 4,000 songs $253
iPod Classic 120GB, white or black, earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, case, 30,000 songs $308
iPod Touch 8GB, silver, earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, wireless, 1,750 songs $299
iPod Touch 16GB , silver, earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, wireless, 3,500 songs $380
iPod Touch 32GB , silver, earphones, USB cable, dock adaptor, wireless, 7,000 songs $499
iPhone - only available through an Apple store and an account with Optus / Telstra / Vodaphone
- Shuffle, Nano & Touch are solid state devices (no hard drive)
- Shuffle : audio only
- Nano, Classic & Touch : audio, photos & movies
- iPod Nano has 50.8mm screen, iPod classic has 63.5mm screen, iPod Touch has 88.9mm touch screen

iPod Accessories (lots more available, many accessories are model specific so call for further info)
iTrip - Play music via FM radio $65
Powerpod - iPod car charger $35

Apple TV
40GB Model Mac & PC, wireless, 40GB HD, remote, TV cables (composite or HDMI) are not included $299
160GB Model Mac & PC, wireless, 40GB HD, remote, TV cables (composite or HDMI) are not included $408
- new version 2.x software (free download for old models)
- requires a HD TV. Call for further info ...

AppleCare Protection Plans (2 years additional warranty)
Mac Pro Intel Xeon Tower (covers an Apple display also) $380
iMac $244
Mac Mini $208
MacBook & MacBook Air $380
MacBook Pro (covers an Apple display also) $526
iPod $90

Apple Wireless Solutions via Airport
Time Capsule Airport Extreme Base Station with 500GB HD $435
Time Capsule Airport Extreme Base Station with 1TB HD $708
Airport Extreme Base Station (802.11n with 3 port GB Ethernet switch and USB printer sharing) $253
Airport Express Base Station with airtunes (no modem, broadband only) $162
Airport Express Stereo Connection Kit with Monster Cable $53
Airport Extreme card $72

Apple Accessories
Apple wired keyboard metal $63
Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard metal $99
Apple wired mighty mouse (2 button emulation and track wheel) $63
Apple bluetooth wireless mouse $90
D-Link bluetooth USB adaptor $73

RAM for all models - pls call for latest pricing

The Fine Print
All prices in Australian dollars and exclude GST of 10%
- to get the GST inclusive price, multiply by 1.1
Prices & quotes are valid for 7 days or unless wholesale prices vary
Delivery is generally $10 but will generally be more for several large and/or heavy items
On site installation prices range from $60-$120
On site consulting rate is $120/hr for general consulting