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What you may have sometimes wondered about but were afraid to ask (in case I actually told you) ...

Over the years I have been (in no particular order) :

  • chemist delivery boy
  • petrol pump attendant
  • retail shop assistant
  • computer salesman
  • retail store manager
  • motorcycle assembler
  • motorcycle racer
  • spare parts specialist for a motorcycle company
  • university science student (chemistry & paramedical)
  • university engineering graduate (manufacturing)
  • first aid student
  • MBA student
  • plant and project engineer
  • plant manager
  • martial arts student
  • martial arts instructor
  • army engineer (or sapper)
  • green beret commando
  • army infantry officer
  • scuba diver
  • cross country skier
  • canoeist
  • tennis player
  • australian rogaining champion (long distance orienteering)
  • husband
  • father
  • pet owner
  • computer game player
  • avid book reader
  • computer consultant
  • internet service provider
  • AFL coach
  • ATFCA athletics coach
  • ASCA strength & conditioning coach
  • and probably some more stuff that has slipped my mind while writing this list

But then what's in a label ...And we could also get tied up in the nature vs nuture debate too ...

And all that is just in my spare time. Some of these I still am (or are), as the case may be.

I'm still working on expanding the resume. If there were 3 ends of the candle I would be burning all of them.

The young, unwrinkled, happy and carefree version.

Somewhere in my 20"s.

An almost up to date version.

And a very recent photo. Hiding the receding hairline !