The ugly but unfortunately necessary legal stuff that comes with being an ISP.

All subscribers to Horizen Internet Services will -

1. Not send, allow to be sent or assist in the sending of spam

2. Not host pornography

3. Not hack or try to gain unauthorised access to networks or other computers

4. Must not use the Horizen network or servers to engage in any illegal activity

5. Must not false email headers, try to fake your identity via email or use email addresses you are not authorised to use

6. Ensure your domain name records are correct and up to date.

7. Breach any government or Internet regulations relating to Internet use.

Your service may be terminated if after being warned of any breach of these useage condtions you fail to immediately act to correct the situation.


Be aware that Horizen will comply with all lawful requests from law enforcement agencies and Australian Internet regulatory agencies to forward records of your Internet activity relating to any illegal activities.

Logs are kept of all Internet activity. Big Brother is really here !