Currently the Horizen Server is located in South Melbourne, Victoria opposite the casino.

Basically Maconline provides the main infrastructure that Horizen Internet services provides for clients.

All Horizen mail accounts, web and ftp sites are kept on the Horizen Mac server.
News groups are provided via Webtime via the news feed through

It's an expensive business to be a service provider, with continual upgrades in speed, capacity &
technical expertise needed to provide the services & performance that everyone expects these days!

Power Macintosh G4 / 400MHz using Mac OS X 10.3.9 (with latest security updates)
- 512MB RAM & twin 30GB hard disks
- Apache web server (v1.3.33)
- Eudora Internet mail server (v3.2.8) - see here for more information about current spam measures
- MySQL (4.013)
- PHP (4.3.2)
- Squirrelmail webmail (1.4.3a) - click here to login (use your full email address)
- Simple forum (4.5) - click here to post away

Other services are available FTP, SQL, PHP, Perl, cgi, etc. All the normal sort of stuff you would expect to have on a BSD based Unix server.

Upgrade Plans
Ongoing as required by customer needs and available technology.