Horizen Reviewers : Neville Wilkinson

Neville WIlkinson : Rev Head Extraordinaire and publisher of V8x Magazine.

Email : v8x@optushome.com.au

Web Site : www.v8x.com.au

I first met Neville when we were both working at Hi-Tech Graphics. He was a graphics operator just moving onto Macs and we were soon playing network games (during lunch and after hours of course). He had his sights set on bigger and better things and before Hi Tech shut down he had moved into running his own business. He now combines his passion for touring cars with his own publishing venture and is assistant producer of a car racing motor TV show.

A proud husband and father of 2 kids, he is based in Ringwood with an over crowded office filled with computers and motor racing magazines. Often to be found at race tracks around Australia or behind his Playstation creating mayhem.

And that dirty rat usually beats me at car racing games too !

Reviews by Neville :

25 November 2002 : V8 Supercars - PS2 game software