Domain Name Settings for Virtual Domain Name Clients

Email Settings

Domain names come with up to 20 email addresses free of charge. These are separate POP boxes and not aliases and so email can be sent to and from these as independent entities. Extra email addresses are available upon request. See here for the current Horizen Internet charges.

If you have a domain name being hosted by Horizen a special setup for email must be used and I will use the following example to illustrate how to do this.

Assume your username is bloggs and you have a domain name of your email address would be -

As far as the Horizen mail server is concerned the primary domain name is, so when we are setting up a sub domain you must still include the primary domain name information.

Settings Generic Example as used above
 email address
 return address
 email username
 POP account
 POP server
 SMTP server

How to upload your Web Site to the Horizen server

Specific instructions for uploading pages are as follows -

General Web Site Information

Your home page should be named index.html and located in the root directory of your allocated ftp upload folder. This is the page that will be accessed when your domain name is entered into any web browser. Using the example above, the domain name would have the web site The home page for this site would be called index.html.

Any page called index.html in any sub folder or directory becomes the default page for that folder. Say for example there is a folder called reports in the acme root directory. You dont have to specify the page by, you could simple type in As long as you have a file called index.html inside that folder of course. Otherwise you would get an error.

Customised No Access and Error Pages

You can also specify custom error pages. Just let me know. if you want one. Otherwise any bad address entered under your domain name will default to the standard Horizen error pages. These error pages must be in the root directory along with your index.html home page.